Fabulousaaa.com Review (User Submission): LV Damier Graphite and Epi Men's Bags

 Hello ladies n gents,

Here is a review a kind reader named Cris has sent in with lots of details pics for the site www.fabulousaaa.com. Thanks for the review Cris and if anyone else has a review for any site feel free to email it in with pics to replicahandbagreviews@gmail.com

-Bella xoxo
Hi Bella,

I've placed an order on fabulousaaa.com 
It was a LV Damier Graphite Tadao tote bag N51192 ($114) and 
the LV Epi Leather men bag N59092 ($105).
Shipping was $55 dollars which I recommend ordering more than one item as it's much better deal.
The package came exactly a week via usps right when I've placed and paid for my order.
I will forward you like 14 pictures.
My overall experience has been pretty good and the products are very very close to the real thing. 
There's no way your can tell it's a fake by looking at the exterior and I believe the tote was almost the exact mirror replica and
 the Epi bag itself is exact mirror replica while their leather tag was close...if only they would print the leathers a little lower
 and the strap is thinner than the real one.... and they do not come with authenticity card or booklet.

The only I don't know is how they stand over time.....
Let me know if you need more pics.

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  1. Thank you for this review. After reading it I immediately went to fabulousaaa.com to check out the website. They have a long list of designers and a variety of handbags. What i like most about the site was that customers could leave reviews on the individual item. So as you click on the item you can read reviews. The reviews that were left seemed pretty honest. They werent all fake positive reviews like pursevalley.co I decided to email faaab because i had a couple of questions. Joy responded back to me in more than a timely manner. After a few emails i decided to make a purchase. I ordered the louis vuitton damier ebene trevi pm bag and a fendi min zucca logo jacquard flap bag. My total for the bags was $199.00 plus$55 for shipping. Prices are cheaper than most sites ive seen, but joy assured that the quality is high. When i recieve they bags i will email bella with an update and review. Keep your fingers crossed with me. I hope that i am satisfiec with these bags, i do not want to waste any more money on replica bags. Hopefully faaab will be a site where i will be a repeat customer!!!


    2. Their site is down...

  2. is anyone having trouble placing an order on DD? there is no way to enter billing info or place order!! tried to contact CS but they haven't gotten back to me yet. Anyone else finding the same issue?

  3. Kim i tried to contact dd several times over the past few weeks because i wanted to place an order with them. They never responded so i will not purchase from them. Its already a gamble purchasing replicas online so purchasing from people who do not respond is out of the question.

  4. EJ, thank you for the reply. I am looking for a chanel flap bag. Know of any other places i can look? thanks. I too have tried multiple times... annoying! However i must say that i ordered a birkin a month ago and it is a really great replica.

  5. Kim maybe there sight is under construction or something. Hopefully it will be up soon. I too wanted to purchase a chanel flap bag and as of now that was the only website that i heard had a great website. Hopefully bella will have some more website reviews soon! If i find any thing new i will keep you informed.

  6. I too placed an order recently and my credit card company refused to process..I thought it was me...although It was a gold card and I have credit, then my girlfriend tried to order and the same thing happened to her.
    Maybe there are problems here...be careful.

  7. So about 2 years ago my girlfriend came across this website which she claimed sold top AAA quality handbags. I was a little.iffy about ordering online as I am a very big skeptic. She assured me that a friend of hers who owns real LV's and Chanel purses had purchased bags off of that website and they were mirror images so I had nothing to.lose. So after debating it for awhile we both ended up ordering them. I ordered an LV multicolor speedy 30 & she ordered a Chanel one (unfortunately I do not remember what style). We waited and waited and finally it arrived. Now her purse was NOT a mirror mage. The bag was shaped differently then the original one, the strap that came with her bag broke off a week into the use and the leather wasn't the great so she ended up throwing her.money down the drain and discarded the purse. My louise on the other hand was very good quality leather, handles did take awhile to oxidize (I only bought it for occasional clubbing/lounging use so that's why it took forever) and the interior was pretty good. It came with an authenticity card and dust bag HOWEVER the idiots that had packaged the bag had put my keys to the front pocket lock INSIDE the locked pocket so stupid me tried to rip it open in my excitement and ended up breaking the lock so now that little pocket NEVER closes, its just left open 24/7 like a local 7/11 LOL. The other down side was that the two LV logos on each side of the little front pocket was FADED which instantly gave it away to the untrained eye. I have tie a little scarf on the front handle to give it a "chic" but in all honesty im just trying to cover the damn faded logo. But other than those two annoying factors all in all the purse is very good quality and over time I started loving it. The hardware on each side of the purse did not rust & the leather was amazingly soft. I had completely forgotten the name of that website over time but when I recently came across this blog I recognized the site and it was FABAAA !!!! I am not very knowledgable when it comes to replicas as I dont own any of the real bags or any fake bags but lately I've been obsessed and was looking to order from PurseValley which I AM GLAD I DIDN'T. Designerdiscreet seems good except for that one comment that even though the same style not all the bags match the same quality. Not sure if I should take a risk with Fabaaa again :/
    I am going to send Bella pictures of my bag and let her and you folks be the judge.


  8. Hello everyone, do you know Damier Graphite would come with mirrir image replica but epi replica doesn't? There are only basic AAA replicas for epi leather in baiyun world leather market. However, if you think your epi replica is close to real, good luck.

  9. Hi everyone this Kaylie, I just found this blog and it's been the most help I've had about replicas. After searching for the last 2 weeks I'm down to fabulousAAA and charmingsbelongings.com Please let me know which you would think is best. Charming is more expensive the pictures seems high quality but fabulous has more reviews and the price is cut down to help!

  10. Hi guys its EJ I am still wating for my order that I purchasex from fabolousaaa.com. I also endedup placing another order while waiting. I have been waiting for about a month for the first order it was shipped to me and got returned back to them by chinese customs and had ro be reshipper. I placed the second order around the 15th of dec. Joy from fabolousaaa.com communicated with me thru the whole process and ensured me that the items would be delievered and that shipping could sometimes be slow especially during the holidays. I checked tracking today and both packagea cleared customs and have arrived to my state so i should recieve them this week. I will be sure to email bella pics and return with a full review on my items.

    1. Very much looking forward to your review! Tell me about the smell of the goods as they come out of the box. Is there a chemical smell or a nice, rich leather smell? Thanks!

    2. The chemical smell will go away and it will be replaced by a very nice leather smell. I bought my neverfull bags, monogram and damier from joy. It was not love at first sight for the monogram because there' s a scuff in the handle and the trim around the mouth of the bag was connected at both edges of the bag. I was heartbroken because it's my first replica purchase.however my consolation was when i dilligently rubbed the trim and straps with olive oil it started to patina and i can't wait for it to turn honey colored like the authentic one.

    3. I made one purchase from Joy. A neverfull damier azur mm. I was overall happy. But I definitely saw many things that were far from 1:1. None the less I told a friend. She bought the same bag. Expecting the flaws and got a perfect bag. Exact bag as mine. But hers was perfect. I contacted Joy bcs the difference in mine and my friends. Was pretty severe. Mine had the interior that was off white and barely visable. Hers had the regular normal color. I asked Joy about this. And after all. I referred my friend.
      Joy had promised to give me half the cost of the neverfull off my next order.
      This was in June (2013!) I had an unexpected tragedy in my family and last thing on my mind was handbags. Anyway, I told Joy (prior to the death in my family) that I would have a large order coming up and even tho I had been upset about the bad quality of the bag. I was willing to give it a go bcs my friend continued to get a couple good bags.
      I wrote joy now and asked can we apply that discount I was promised (not even asking for the discount for referring over 20 people to the site. I wouldn't expect all that. Just the discount for the bag that had many defects as Joy agreed per the photos)
      I've bought one bag. I now am ready to purchase another along with a couple wallets and maybe even bags for my sisters for the upcoming holidays.
      I asked about the $50 and when I did. Joy said she felt best not to do business with me bcs of their profit margin etc. I was blown away. All the emails of Joy and I back and forth and she is turning away a sale that could be approx $800 if I ordered all at once. (I'd expect $50 taken off as I was promised) but she's saying I'd complain. And it's best not to do business.
      Again. I bought only my neverfull and I only complained bcs the signs were obvious. Like big right arrows pointing and screaming fake. ESPECIALLY on the interior. But I used it and I thought Joy would make right on it.
      For her to say I would complain. When I didn't complain once until a week later when I saw the massive difference in the bags. Same price. Same seller. I had a right to ask why my bag was so different and nothing close to the quality. The straps never patina at all and I never even complained about that!!!! I figured why bother! We agreed on $50 off my next order.

      Any good reliable trustworthy sellers please... With true 1:1 bags. Or as close as they get.
      I have other bags. And the summers where I live patina kicks in quick due to humidity. If anything. I downplayed how bad the bag I got was. Bcs I was happy to still so business. I figure these things happen. She doesn't make the bags. Factories do. And it wasn't her fault but she said she would make right on it.
      So now. She won't even take an order from me. And I don't understand how one can say they're not doing well money wise. But turn away such a large order.
      Please. Any honest sellers. With great bags. Let me know. Bcs Joy has gone down the tubes.
      BTW anyone wants a galliera pm damier azur never used 1:1 I bought that bag last summer (2012) and never even used it. That seller I wish I could find! I used my monogram galliera which is real. So this galliera damier azur is in excellent shape.

    4. I am going through the same thing with FAB I basically sent close to $900.00 dollar within 2 orders. I place one order and then FAB posted new photos of a patent leather blue bag that I just had to have, when I received it, no receipt, ripples on the bottom no shoulder strap, handles don't match and you can easily see that they don't match and the serial number under tag is missing 2 numbers and printed up side down. Now it seems b/c I have complained about one bag in many orders that I made, I am getting the cold shoulder with no response in several days, I guess when you deal with Joy and her team, you BETTER LIKE WHAT THEY GIVE YOU, TAKE IT UP THE AZZ B/C THEY WONT DO ANYTHING ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY, AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, BUT MAYBE HELP SHUT THEM DOWN, FAIR IS FAIR.

    5. Hello darling please send me your correspondence/images and we can post a review to warn people. My email is: replicahandbagreviews@gmail.com

  11. Hello, I'm looking for my first replica bag . I want a good quality LV damier ebene speedy 35. Which site would you recommend? Fabulousaaa or DD? Thank you!

  12. Is fabulousaaa a trustworthy site? Going through Western Union is out of the ordinary for me, it is very new. Is that something to trust with this website? I would love to order one of their purses.

  13. I ordered 2 LV bags from Joy and 1 from Luxury 7 star. Used western union for joy and visa I only use for on line purchases for Luxury. The next morning received a call from my credit card company that unauthorized purchases were being made on my credit card.Was it fluke, I don't know? I am waiting on both orders. Will post when bags arrive safely.

  14. hi, I want to buy my 1st replica Louis Vuitton alam PM N53151 can any one guide from where I can get the best which look 1:1 mirror quality of original one

  15. I guess spending 800/900$ on replica bags is insane... why not buy a real one for that price ?? Just my opinon...
    Kisses from Portugal:))))