Buyer Beware: Avoid at ALL Costs! They are a complete SCAM!


Scammer alert! h2000h2000 is nothing but trouble! Do NOT spend your money here ladies 'n gents!

Hello my lovely blog readers!

I received a very unfortunate and disheartening email from a blog reader named N (full name removed for privacy reasons). She had read a good review about and decided to take the plunge and order a Hermes replica from their website. Read what she has to say about her experience:

Hi! Im glad im found your blog! I have been on the whole time, in there they post really good review about
I belived everything so i order and hermes birkin from them, i deposit 400$ on june 28 and he promise me the bag will be done in 10 days, im waiting and waiting...after 10 days i asked for pre shippjng photo, he promise will send it to my email but the promise fail so many time and now he tattally ingnore me, i sent several email but got no responde, live chat is alway off! Im so sad and confuse right now
I had do couple research about h2000 and found out couple bad review from buyer who purcharge from them and i email one of the lady and she told me that site(h2000)is own purse blog thats why they talked very good about h2000 and she got a very bag replica from them after paying almost 800$ And waiting for 3 months!! Im about to cry right now, i dont know wat to do to get my money back or contact them
Can u please help!!! Any advice tight now would help me alot! Thanks very much
 First of all I would like to say N's experience points out several important facts:

1) Do NOT trust every blog you read online!

Darlings I hate to say this but there are many faux bloggers out there who have ill intentions and seek to deceive naive shoppers online by directing them towards scam sites such as h2000h2000h! Always make sure you cross reference and do real research before spending any money, especially when it is over the $500 range which is a deep investment into any handbag - replica or authentic!

2) Do NOT send multiple deposits unless you are seeing legitimate progress!

N's biggest mistake in her experience with h2000h2000 was continuously sending them money! Like any good scammers these individuals knew how to milk her money until they fully lost her trust. $800 is certainly no chump change and you should be very careful when sending such funds!

3) ALWAYS trust your gut!

If you have a negative feeling, contact the seller continuously to clarify any issues which cause such feelings to linger!

Feel free to shoot me up an email at if you feel iffy about any sites and I will certainly do my best to help you if I can! Although this blog is not a career for me, I always want to do my best to help my fellow replica shoppers avoid scammers and the bad apples of the replica world - after all we have to stick together!

Comment below and let us know about any negative experiences you have had shopping for a Hermes, and whether or not you have also come accross and been fooled by them as well! They are officially on the blacklist after reading N's experience!

BLOG READER SUBMITTED REVIEW: White Chanel Jumbo Lambskin with Silver Hardware!

HANDBAG REVIEW REVEAL TIME.... I love the Madame Coco dustbag! So chic.
Love the quilting pattern on this side of the dustbag as well! Well done Mr. Lagerfeld!!
Hello darlings,

Here is a review sent in by a lovely blog reader named Aya. She sent in a lot of detailed pictures with her review which I always appreciate since it gives you a good perspective of what you can really expect when you order. Aya's review makes me personally fall in love with white Chanel handbags all over again, and now I'm really really 'itchin to order one!

Take a look darlings and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Hello Bella,
I am so pleased to let you know about my second purchase from Designer Discreet. This time I have purchased a Chanel Lambskin Double Flap in white.

I was nervous about this one since it is Chanel and I have quite a few real ones. When I opened the bag I was so amazed at the quality. Sure it wasn't as soft as the real Lambskin but not unless you know what the real ones feel like you can never tell the difference which I'm sure you already know :)

Anyway, the customer service was superb! The person I have dealt with with both my purchases was Marco. So attentive and sincere.

Anyway, I have attached a few photos. I will send more as my iPhone is only letting me send a few at a time.

Thank you for recommending DD! I am purchasing another Chanel and it's the black GST. I will let you know as soon as I receive it.

Take care,

The chain of the Chanel double flap being reviewed by the lovely Aya!
The back pocket of the Chanel which seems to line up nicely.

Once again thank you for the review Aya, and take a look below at the pictures darlings. I hope it helps you with your Chanel hunting! Please also feel free to email me at with any questions, or reviews on other websites!

Buy Counterfeit? NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Wants to Hear From YOU!


I don't know about you guys but I personally LOVE National Geographic's documentaries!
Hello darlings,

I am very very excited to write this post as we ladies 'n gents who purchase counterfeit or replica handbags have an opportunity to have our voices and opinions heard!

I received this email from the lovely Mark Usher who does research for National Geographic:
My name is Mark Usher and I work for a television production company in London called Wall to Wall. We are making a documentary for National Geographic about the counterfeit trade in America. As part of the documentary we would like to hear from people who buy counterfeit/replica products so we can give a voice to those who have no issue with buying counterfeit items. Perhaps they want the designer look but are unable due to financial constraints.  Maybe they are annoyed at the ever increasing prices of designer products and look to fake counterparts, going against the bigger corporations.

We would love to hear from anyone who buys counterfeit items, maybe from purse parties or from other outlets, who would like to tell their story. 

If you think you may be able to help then please contact me on this email address or on the number below.  

Kind regards

Mark Usher

Wall to Wall

001 44 +207 241 9227
Mark is interested in purse parties as well! I have personally never attended one but if you have please do share your experiences to contribute to the documentary darling!
I don't know about you guys but I personally LOVE the National Geographic and still subscribe to their magazine to this day (although it is becoming more and more filled with advertisements predominantly unfortunately), so I am totally ecstatic that we have the opportunity to contribute to one of their soon to be amazing documentaries.

You can contact Mark at the number listed above or you can email him at:

I really hope this documentary turns out to be awesome, and I will personally be grabbing the popcorn and watching it! I look forward to seeing some of my lovely blog readers featured in the documentary, and please email me if you have any questions at!


 Bella xoxo


Chanel Handbag Quilting Misconceptions: Should it Line Up?


Time to address a popular question: should the quilting line up on the front/back of the bag? This picture displays an authentic CHANEL handbag which does not line up.
Hello darlings,

This is the second post I am doing in a series about Chanel handbag misconceptions. I have already previously stated this but it seems as if there is a LOT of misconceptions about what a real or fake Chanel handbag should or should not look like. I get hundreds of emails weekly outlining various questions from various lovely blog readers who are thinking of purchasing a replica Chanel but they are very very confused as to what they should be looking for, and what does not really matter when it comes to buying a replica Chanel handbag.

I have already written about the stitching on a Chanel handbag, and pointed out what exactly you should look for when shopping for either an authentic, second hand, or replica Chanel handbag to ensure the stitching is correct. If you are interested in reading about that issue/controversy click here.

Anyways back to the topic of today's post: the quilting on a Chanel handbag. Should it line up on the front and back? Is my bag fake if it doesn't line up? Is there a certain standard all authentic Chanel handbags should adhere to? Well darlings the truth of the matter is that authentic Chanel handbags do not necessarily have quilting which lines up on either the front or back of the handbag.  

This CHANEL handbag was purchased in a Chanel boutique and it does not line up on either front or the back of the handbag.
Here is a back shot of the authentic CHANEL handbag which does not line up on the back of the bag either. Does this make it fake? NO, misalignment is part of the Chanel design. It does not make a handbag fake or real.
As you can tell by the pictures of this authentic red caviar leather Chanel (which is such an adorable color by the way!) the lining does not have to be perfect on a Chanel handbag for it to be considered authentic. In other words the lining of the quilts do not affect whether a handbag should be judged as either real or fake. Of course there is a caveat, which is to use your common sense when shopping for a bag! If the quilting is ridiculously off then perhaps you should take a step back and look at the other aspects of the handbag to confirm that it is either real/a really good fake. If you use the other key criteria I have previously discussed to analyze the authenticity of the bag you will not need to worry about the quilting as a deciding factor.

An authentic medium flap pink lambskin Chanel vintage which has non-perfect alignment of the quilting on the back pocket of the bag.
When shopping for a Chanel handbag (whether it be real or fake) I think the big lesson to learn is not to obsess over the quilting's alignment on either the front or back, because as I hope I have made clear by now darlings, this is not a deciding factor in the handbag being labelled real or fake. There are so many other more important features (e.g. leather quality, hardware quality etc.) which you should pay attention to.

Hopefully this article has helped either calm your nerves about your Chanel sitting in your closet (or maybe on your lap at this point :-P), or helped provide advice for any future Chanel purchases! As I have said before the internet is full of Chanel handbag misconceptions so please be careful and aware as you read anything online darlings!

Please comment below to let us know your experiences with your Chanel handbag's alignment, or feel free to leave any questions if the article hasn't answered your concern yet! Looking for a good Chanel knockoff? Check out my Replica Gold List!

User Submitted Review: Replica Rolex from Timepiece King

 Hello darlings,

I've said it before and I'll say it again: watches are to men as purses are to women. Now I know that men love their designer day bags as well, while women are also fans of watches but you get the gist of what I'm saying ;-P ...

Anyways the topic of today's blog post is a replica Rolex review which was submitted by a lovely blog reader. Personally I was never much a crazy watch lover, but recently my eyes have been hitting my wrist with a bit of longing and I must admit I am really starting to love the look of a good designer watch. My personal fav. at the moment is Cartier as it is so classique and offers that simple elegance on one's wrist. Before we get too off topic into my personal tastes, let's get back to the review of the Rolex which was submitted by a lovely blog reader. They purchased it from Timepiece King which sells watches for both men and women. I always get a lot of requests from men and women through email requesting a good link to shop for watches so after sifting and trying out a few places personally (I bought the hubby a Hublot from TPK for father's day as well), it seems like Timepiece King is pretty good for availability and pricing.

Here is what Mark had to say about his watch:

Hello Bella, I have visited your blog many times and it has really helped me find some good grade replicas for my wife, but I noticed you were lacking on many reviews for men or watches. I just wanted to share a personal purchase I made from Timepiece King in case anyone else was looking for a good source. I bought a Rolex Submariner (swiss movement) from and the quality is phenomenal in terms of accuracy of the face/mechanism. One thing which has always bothered me with Rolex replicas is that they do not have any form of water resistance which is a bit ridiculous since that is what one of the brand's key premises are. I've probably bought around 2-3 replicas and 2 out of 3 were ruined during contact with water. The watch I bought from was different. Not only has it held up well, but has survived an accident in which it fell into the pool. At first I thought it was a goner, but was surprised to see not only did it survive but it was fairly unaffected. Hope this is helpful to any other men visiting the blog that are looking for a watch! If you have any suggestions for a good site for men's replica please email me some recommendations.

Here are some photos of the watch Mark purchased:

A front shot of Mark's watch

A comparison Mark made to the original.

The box Mark's watch came in.

Hope you find this review helpful darlings, and I will soon be putting together a Rolex replica guide to help point out key things to look for when looking for a knockoff of one of the most - if not the most - coveted watch companies out there!

Feel free to email me at or leave a comment below about Mark's review, TPK, or replica watches in general!

Chanel Handbag Myth: Stitching Count Misconceptions...


This is a screenshot I grabbed from the official Chanel site of the Jersey flap bag. It has around 7 stitches per square.
Hello darlings,

One misconception I come across very often online is in relation to the stitching on Chanel handbags. Many websites claim that authentic Chanel handbags need to have a certain amount of stitching to ensure that it is truly authentic. Well I hate to break it to you but the truth is that there is not really any set or standardized amount of stitching for Chanel handbags. Many say the magic number is 9 but I have personally seen many handbags that have either more or less than this number of stitches on the handbag. One of my very good girlfriends who only buys authentic (she is an authentic Purist if you will :-P ... I poke fun at her all the time) has a medium Chanel flap bag which she personally picked up from the boutique which has 7 stitches per diamond. On the other hand she also has a lovely beige caviar flap bag (also a medium) which has 10 stitches per diamond. I have also seen replicas which vary in terms of stitch count. I personally have bought a Chanel beige flap bag from Chic Chanel (will be posting a review shortly) which recently arrived (and I LOVE) which has 9-10 stitches per square.
In case you were wondering what I mean by stitch count, take a look at the circled area! That is the stitch count!!
This is a real Chanel handbag. Take a look at the stitching. I got around 8 per square.
Real or Fake? What's your answer? If you were judging on stitch count alone you would deem this handbag fake even though it is an authentic (borrowed from the Purse Forum).
 I went to the Purse Forum where many avid purse fans (including myself) lurk at one point or another and have borrowed many photos from a Chanel flap fan page to show the variance in stitching which seems to show that there is not necessarily a magic number. Instead when shopping for either an authentic or replica Chanel you must just use a general dose of common sense to decide whether the handbag is fake. There are so many other features on the handbag that give away its "fake" or "real" status right away that you won't even have time to glance at the stitching to determine what the handbag is.

This is a replica Chanel handbag with a stitch count of around 9 threads per diamond/square.
FAKE OR REAL? This is a closeup of my replica Chanel flap bag purchased from Chic Chanel. It has around 9 stitches per square. If you were judging by stitch count alone after researching online you would think the handbag was authentic!
This is a pic from the Purse Forum of an authentic handbag with 7 stitches. The forum member was worried that her handbag was a fake due to articles she read about the stitch count theory.
When shopping for replica Chanel handbags in particular I would personally suggest paying attention to the quality of leather, and hardware, and overall stitching quality before taking a look at stitch count!

Overall the point is that there is no exact number of threading or stitches you should look for in a Chanel handbag to ensure it is authentic. Remember that everything you read online is not necessarily true because just like in real life, many people have no idea what they are talking about! Focus on other factors which are more obvious and certain! Hope this helps. Feel free to email me at with any questions reviews about Chanel shopping or authenticating!

Fashion Watch: Louis Vuitton in Monaco...

Love the colors and feel of the collection!
I am not sure if it is just me, but every time I hear the name of the country Monaco I automatically associate it with Grace Kelly, and Hermès. Monaco is truly on my personal bucket list and I cannot wait to someday visit there and experience its beauty firsthand! Anyways Louis Vuitton, one of the most revered luxury companies, held their Cruise collection fashion show there. I just wanted to share a few pictures from the collection highlighting the pieces I personally have fallen in love with!

The collection seemed to highlight the vibe of the 70s with lots of bright floral pieces giving off a touch of funkiness yet twisted with a fusion of modernity. There were a lot of lovely handbag concepts on display as well. My personal favorites were the red/black quilted Alma creation, and the bucket-esque bag- I really can't wait to see their next collection!! 

Take a look and comment below to discuss what look is your favorite!

Handbag Crush: Chanel Le Boy


The Chanel Le Boy handbag has infiltrated the fashion world and I must say that my Coco-loving side has swayed and bowed down to the beauty of this boy. I truly am enamored by the Le Boy line, and am thinking of investing in an authentic one to honor the genius of Karl Lagerfield (after purchasing a replica one already - read about it by clicking here).

There are many different styles which the Le Boy comes in including lambskin, patent, python, crocodile, cube embossed leather, faded etc. The handbag comes in the sizes mini, small, medium, and large. I personally love the medium size, since it's not too understated or overstated (then again it does come down to personal taste).

 I seriously love the style of the Le Boy as it can be dressed up or down so easily. Unlike the classic flap which I personally think should always be worn dressed up, the Le Boy seems a bit more fun and versatile if you know what I mean! Anyways I am truly in love with this bag, and just wanted to share some pics for you to ogle at and share in my amazement and love for the Chanel Le Boy line. 

PS. I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before but the older I get the more I seem to love Chanel. It really is such a timeless brand, and I think EVERY fashionista should have one in their closet whether it be replica or authentic...


Karl Lagerfeld: Genius Behind Chanel Who Admits to Incredibly Good Fakes...

The fashion genius Mr. Lagerfeld himself...
Hello darlings,

No wonder Chanel is consistently hunting down sites that sell replicas. Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion genius, who has played a key role behind the brand has admitted himself that there are so many good copies that many times he cannot tell a fake Chanel from a real one.

Here is what he had to say in an interview,
Karl Lagerfeld has revealed that he can no longer tell a real Chanel jacket between a copy.
The 79-year-old designer commented on a boucle jacket worn by Harper's Bazaar's Lauren Brown for the magazine's YouTube series, The Look, after she exclaimed it was Chanel. 
'I thought so, I thought so,' he said, with a smirk. 'It looks like [Chanel], but there are so many copies, so it could be a copy you know.'

Aghast, Ms Brown asks, 'You think I would do that?'
The designer, who had just shown his fall 2013 collection at the Grand Palais in Paris, also discussed some of his favourite pieces...
It is truly at times like this when I think that buying a replica make so much more sense considering you can get 8 Chanel copies for the price of one! You can read the original article that I saw on the Daily Mail by clicking here! Comment below and let me know what you think!


Heads Up: Eva Knox/PurseValley/Hannah Handbags is at it again...


Reader Beware: Spotbagz is now Hannah Handbags.

Hello darlings,

I just wanted to give you some valuable insight that a lovely blog reader tipped me on. It looks like Pinnochio's identity has just changed: Eva Knox has launched a new blog called Hannah Handbags which is promoting her lovely website Pursevalley yet again. As we all know buying replicas are already difficult but when there is misinformation the task becomes much more difficult.

Please stay away from this site and its recommendations as you will be conned into Eva's old tricks, and end up buying (and regretting) a bag from PurseValley.Why would she do such a thing? The answer is simple; after having too many negative stories about her out on the internet she needs a fresh start.

Please keep this in mind as you research replicas on the net darlings, and I hope this helps!


Bella xoxoxo


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A front shot of Irene's beautiful Celine nano.
Hello darlings,

I want to start off by saying I truly love all of my blog readers and the interactions I get to have and all the lovely messages I receive. You guys truly have become an online replica family (I'm wiping a tear away as I say this :-P). In all honesty though I have truly bonded with many replica purchasers and enjoy sharing the good and not too good stories of shopping replica online. Anyways as we all know the blog is continuously growing and now for the very first time I received a request from a client to put up a handbag she has for trade. A lovely blog reader named Irene has contacted me to let me know she has a Celine nano she just purchased from Perfect Celine which she has up for trade. The reason? She already has a similar color in her collection so she is looking to let go of this lovely Celine nano. Irene lives in the UK and is willing to ship the handbag internationally. If you are interested in this handbag please contact me and I can provide her contact information for you to arrange a trade.

I must say I have personally fallen in love with the colors on her bag and if I did not already purchase a Nano recently I would totally be all over it as it is completely drool worthy.

Irene's Celine nano really shows well in the pictures she has sent and shows how beautiful a replica can be when it is well done. The leather and small details are definitely spot on with Irene's nano. Take a look lovelies and contact me at if you are interested in this trade so I can provide further details on how contact her.


Bella xoxox

If anyone else has a review or trade they'd like to put up to share with our lovely blog readers email me at!

PLEASE NOTE: Selling replicas are  illegal and this blog does not participate in such an activity. It is merely used to review beautiful replica purchases.

Hermès Kelly Black 30cm Replica Review


Hello darlings,

Here is a review of a Hermès Kelly black 30cm handbag which was forwarded to me by a beautiful blog reader named Leslie. Here is what she has to say:
Hi Bella I bought a Hermes from Designer Discreet and wanted to send it my review. I purchased it on 04/09/14. There was a customs delay with my parcel so my handbag took a while longer than they originally told me to ship. They said something about there being a strict inspection going on by the local government? Anyways my Kelly arrived after 14 business days (including the wait time because of the customs issue) and overall it seems very nice. I previously purchased a Kelly from Fallin4Fashion but that turned out to be a waste since the leather was completely off and is sitting at the back of my closet going unused. The leather is pretty firm and the handbag and I really like the size since it is not too big (since Hermes handbags are heavier) and not too small either. Overall I would rate my experience as a 9/10. Feel free to post this review on the blog to give advice to the other readers. I also signed up for the forum but have not been approved yet. My username is "missleslie" so please approve me.
Leslie has included a video of the bag which is a first, and I will personally film all my future reviews as well to give everyone a more detailed view of the bags! If anyone else has a review to share with everyone please email me at and remember to join us at the new forum at!
Interior of the handbag along with accessories it came with.

Shot of underneath the handbag.